Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Spring may just be round the corner !

So, here we are on the 2ND of march 2010, and looks like another fantastic day here in ickleford. and as you can see this morning at 7am, we had a fantastic sunrise behind the shop. And with our first delivery of primrose's and garden shrubs and the ground being so soft, it could be a good time to start looking at the garden.So now, with a few hours to myself, i little walk round the village, with the dogs to see if our visitors from herts highways have put in and appearance........

And as i walk past the raised zebra crossing, and down into the village, i see still no herts highways and after seven weeks still no HUMPS !

oh well, over the fields now and take a look to see how the new horse field is looking.

And on my way home, a little stop off to see our new grave yard ! And i must say, the parish council have done a fantastic job in planning all this.

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